Fill in information you know from the game you are searching.
% and _ could be used as wildchar characters if you aren't sure about the spelling.
It will be added automatic a % to the end of the name. If you want to avoid this sourend the word with a quot (").
% - Means zero or more characters.
_ - Means one character.

Some samples:

Site: Va
Would get all games played in places that start with 'Va' Ex. Vadsų, Vardų etc.

White: Johan%esen
Would get players with their last name either Johanesen or Johannesen.

Event: NM
Would get all events that start with NM ex. NM, NM for juniors, etc.

Event: "NM"
Would get only those events that have the exact spelling NM.

Since all names are saved in the database with Norwegian characterset do you have to use this too when you do a search (use _ or % when you ar unsure).

White, Black, Ignore color
Search for games with certain players.
If you want, as a sample, search for all games played by Rune Djurhuus, you add his name as the White player and select 'Ignore color'.
The result would be that you find games where the player have had both the White and Black color.
If you don't select 'ignore color' you will find only games where he played the White color.

If you want to find games between Einar Gausel and Rune Djurhuus regardless who had the White color in the games, you add one player to each color and select 'ignore color'.

Remark is in use to extend the event name with any groupname etc.